Interactions with prescribers

At GSK, we are changing the way we work with healthcare professionals*.

We believe it is important to continually evolve our business and our ways of doing things to ensure we meet society’s expectations, as well as the needs of patients and customers.

As a company that develops and makes many medicines and vaccines, we have an important role to play in providing accurate information about the risks and benefits of our products to healthcare professionals who prescribe them to New Zealanders.

To do this, companies such as ours have traditionally supported medical education programmes that provide healthcare professionals with the latest information on disease, diagnosis and treatment. Previously, this has included providing direct financial support to enable these professionals to attend medical conferences to learn about these advances.

Recognising that healthcare professionals highly value their peers’ opinions and recommendations, companies have also engaged medical professionals to talk on their behalf about approved uses of our medicines, and have paid a fee to speakers for their time and expertise.

Over recent years, however, there has been a growing community expectation for increased transparency around the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

In direct response to this, GSK New Zealand began publicly disclosing the aggregate payments we make to healthcare professionals in 2010.

Further to this, by the start of 2016, we will have phased out all payments to doctors for speaking engagements and attendance at medical conferences.

These changes are intended to provide greater clarity and confidence to consumers about how we manage these relationships, and demonstrate our commitment to putting patients first at all times.

Until these changes are in effect we will continue to disclose our payments annually.

We remain committed to paying healthcare professionals appropriate fees for services such as GSK-sponsored clinical research, advisory activities and market research.

These activities are essential in providing essential information and insights on specific diseases that allows us to help meet patient needs.

*Healthcare professionals are defined as: “Members of the medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing professions and any other persons, who may, as a result of their professional qualifications, be able to prescribe, recommend, purchase, supply or administer medicines.”