Our behaviour

At GSK, we believe how we do things is just as important as what we do. Our values-based culture has been designed to make sure we put patients and consumers first at all times, both here in New Zealand and around the world.

As part of that culture, we expect all of our employees to live by our values of transparency, respect for people, integrity and patient/customer focus - wherever they work, and whatever their role in the company.

Along with our global Code of Conduct, we also adhere to a global Code of Practice for Promotion and Customer Interactions. This ensures our scientific engagement and marketing activity is driven by those same values, and all promotions are accurate and identified as such.

To be more transparent and open about our relationships with healthcare professionals in New Zealand, we publicly disclose how much we pay healthcare professionals for speaking engagements and attendance at medical conferences.

In a further demonstration of our commitment to ethical behaviour, we have decided to phase these payments out altogether by 2016. You can read more about that decision here.

With these changes to our traditional business behaviour, we hope to provide greater clarity around our interactions with healthcare professionals, and promote stronger confidence in our commitment to put patients and customers first.

More information on our behaviour and how we approach our work can be found in the GSK ANZ 2014 Responsible Business Highlights Report.

Other resources

Access our Responsibility reports to read about our progress against our global and local responsible business commitments.

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