During 2013, GSK New Zealand provided $88,785 in either financial support or donations to the following patient and community groups:

Patient/community group Purpose of donation/financial support Amount provided
Asthma Auckland WAD attendance $2,785
Asthma Auckland Asthma Auckland NEAT Grant $3,000
Asthma Auckland Provision of 50 boxes of volumatic spacers to be distributed over a two year period $425
Asthma Auckland NEAT/COPD educational grant $3,000
KidsCan Sponsorship payment as part of partnership between KidsCan and GSK New Zealand to aid support of disadvantaged Kiwi kids $50,000
Sai Fiji Medical Camp (run by NZ HCPs) Provision of 100 volumatic spacers $850
Youthline Annual sponsorship of the Youthline 0800 number $30,000