Children at school with books


We know that many of the best ideas can come from outside of GSK, and collaborating with other companies, organizations, non-profits/NGOs, and academics is a fundamental part of our business strategy.

We take our commitment to improving the lives of New Zealanders seriously, and because of this, we support a number of organisations that offer our local communities the support they need to live longer and feel better.

As a team, we also make numerous small contributions to groups whose goals and objectives reflect our mission of improving the quality of New Zealander’s lives.

Currently, we have three major partnerships in New Zealand enhancing the health and wellbeing of people here and around the world.


GSK New Zealand proudly supports teen helpline service Youthline, and has done so since 1995. We offer the dedicated team at Youthline resources and contributions, which in turn allows the organisation to offer 24-hour advice and support to thousands of young Kiwis and their families in times of difficulty or crisis.

Save the Children

GSK has an ambitious global partnership with international children’s charity Save the Children. Through our partnership we are committed to sharing our expertise and resources to make a lasting change for the world’s most vulnerable children.