Transparency disclosures

Working in an ethical and transparent way is a priority for the team at GSK.

We are transparent about our relationships with healthcare professionals to help address community concerns about how the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers work together to advance patient care.

In 2010 we became the first pharmaceutical company in New Zealand to disclose how much we pay healthcare professionals for services such as consulting, speaking at meetings, and attending academic meetings and conferences.

The figure we disclose each year is an aggregate figure, and does not include payments made to publicly- and privately-funded groups for conducting research and development or clinical trial projects.

We acknowledge the importance of increased transparency and of putting the patient at the centre of every decision we take. We remain committed to disclosing the payments we make to HCPs and intend to expand our reporting of payments to individual HCPs.

Since 2016, payments to HCPs were ceased and now from 2019, where legally permitted, we will now report individual level payments made each year to HCPs for attending educational meetings and for the provision of services, such as speaking at events or attending advisory boards. Where individual level disclosure is not legally permitted, we will continue to report aggregate payments.

  2015 2014 2013
Consultancy $29,000 $17,000 $67,177
Individual Attendance at conferences and congresses including speakers $19,583 $61,154.64 $177,076.26
Payments to HCOs $113,226 $105,247 $68,615