Our consumer healthcare products

We invest in building brands that consumers trust and come back to, time and time again.

We bring our oral health products, over-the-counter medicines and skin care products to millions of people in more than 100 countries. Many of our brands, such as Sensodyne, Panadol, and Zovirax, are recognised around the world.

In New Zealand, brands such as Panadol, Voltaren, Sensodyne, Polident, Coldrex, and Flixonase are also instantly recognisable and can be found in thousands of homes throughout the country.

Many of our most trusted products have been household names for decades, and are available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets to help Kiwis do more, feel better and live longer.

Our brands are organised into five key categories: Oral Health, Pain Relief, Nutritional/Gastrointestinal, Respiratory, and Skin Health.

As with all products we develop, the driving force behind our consumer healthcare business is science. We take scientific innovation as seriously as marketing excellence, and continue to lead the way in both areas.

On 19 December 2018 we announced our agreement with Pfizer to form a new world-leading Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture. Within 3 years of the closing of the transaction, we intend to separate the Joint Venture via a demerger. With our future intention to separate, the transaction also presents a clear pathway forward for us to create a new global Pharmaceuticals/Vaccines company, and a new world-leading Consumer Healthcare company. 

Visit our Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture for more information. 

The following list includes our major consumer products in New Zealand.

Product (CMI PDF)Consumer Website
Breathe Right   
Coldrex (PDF - 51.5 KB)  
Driclor Deodorant  
Duofilm Topical Solution  
Eno Fruit Salt Powder  
Flixonase (PDF - 79.9 KB) Flixonase.co.nz
Macleans Macleans.co.nz
Otrivin Otrivin.co.nz
Panadeine (PDF - 35.9 KB)  
Panadol (PDF - 48 KB) Panadol.co.nz
Panadol Osteo (PDF - 34.4 KB) Panadol.co.nz
Panafen Plus (PDF - 50.5 KB)  
Polident Polident.co.nz
Sensodyne Sensodyne.co.nz
Voltaren Voltaren.co.nz
Zovirax (PDF - 38.1 KB) Zovirax.co.nz