Sheep farming in Otago region of South Island of New Zealand


To ensure the continued delivery of high quality products to patients and consumers in the future, we must protect the natural resources needed to make them today.

For us to succeed in this commitment, we are reviewing every process associated with our products to assess its impact on the environment.

We have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste across our supply chain. This means assessing everything from the sourcing of raw materials and the impacts of our own labs and factories, to the use and disposal of our products by patients and consumers.

As part of this aim, GSK is a signatory to the UN Caring for Climate initiative and the UN CEO Water Mandate. Our long-term goal is for our global value chain to be carbon neutral by 2050, our operational waste to be halved by 2020 and our water usage to be reduced by 20% compared to 2010 figures.

We have also been working with our suppliers to help them reduce carbon emissions, as we believe this is important for us to achieve our carbon neutral goals.

Read about how we are progressing across each of these areas, and our commitments on our global GSK site.