Patient and community disclosure

As part of our commitment to putting patients first, we provide a variety of support for a range of community and patient advocacy organisations throughout New Zealand, including financial grants, resource in kind, and donations.

In 2017, we provided more than $_____ in independent grants and donations to New Zealand to groups including Asthma Hawkes Bay, Body Positive NZ, KidsCan, Save the Children and Youthline. Over the past three years our support to various organisations has totalled more than $370,000.

We are committed to applying the highest levels of transparency and ethical standards to our work with these community and patient organisations.

To ensure common understandings and transparency, a written agreement outlining the conditions and outcomes of any support GSK gives is developed in consultation with the receiving organisations on agreement of our support.

All patient and community grants and donations are published annually on our website and made available to the public for three years.

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